International Choir Passau (Director: Robert Kabuye)

19.04.2024 22:59

International Choir Passau (Director: Robert Kabuye)

19.04.2024 22:50

Workshops Uganda 2024

19.04.2024 19:44
After a break of around two years, we were able to host Matthias von Pollak, Gerald, Markus, and Uli from Passau Germany. They managed to give workshops in Ndeeba Catholic Parish, where the Project is housed at the moment.

Concerts in Passau, Germany in May 2024

19.04.2024 19:37
Together with the International Choir in Passau, a group of St. Padre Pio Members is expected to travel to Germany between 8th and 23rd May. Apart from performing in two big concerts with the International Choir Passau, they hope to stage workshops, animate worship and liturgy in and around...

Lessons resume

11.05.2022 00:16
We are happy to inform you that after a long corona break, lessons in Dance and Hardblown instruments resumed this year. Thanks a lot for your support.


15.04.2020 13:05
Due to measures taken by the Government to curbe the spread of covid-19, lessons were suspended. Our teachers and the team  will need to be supported in various ways. We are looking forward to any support offered to us.

Annual Uganda technical Support

15.04.2020 12:58
As it was promised, technical support was offered between 22 February and 03. March  2020. Our team from Passau comprising of Matthias von Pollak, Uli Pfreimbtner, Gerald, and Robert Kabuye visited Uganda to render technical support. They also paid a visit to the minister of foreign Affairs...

Wir freuen uns um Ihre Spende

15.04.2020 12:53
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St. Padre Pio Tanztruppe Veranstaltungen in Europa

17.06.2019 12:20
Am 26.07.2019 Auftritt in Passau im Rahmen der Europäsche Wochen; Europa-Afrika Heilig-Geist Kirche Heiliggeistgaße 8 94032 Passau 17.00Uhr.     Am 27.07.2019 Auftritt in Krichham, Badfüssing Hasslinger Hof 16.00Uhr.     Am 04.08.2019 Auftritt in Linz Pfarrlinz-St. Michael...

Workshop in Kampala Uganda

19.07.2018 10:10
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